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Free Copy to those who request by email : 52 page Spanish and English e-Book by Ruth Drayer: Beauty—Nicholas Roerich's Vision for the Future. Includes reproductions of art by Nicholas Roerich and Ruth Drayer. Spanish translation by Leonardo O. Amaral.

Nicholas & Helena Roerich, The Spiritual Journey
of Two Great Artists and Peacemakers

The True Story of Two 20th Century Artists Who Sought Peace Through Art, Brought Their Dreams to America, and Laid the Groundwork to Create a Buddhist Country Around Siberia.
Foreword by Corinne McLaughlin, Co-Author of Builders of the Dawn and Spiritual Politics

Ruth A. Drayer brings to light many unknown facts concerning two Russian visionaries and their connection with America. The true account of charismatic Nicholas Roerich, who produced over 7,000 paintings and his mystical wife, Helena, author of the Agni Yoga series. Moving to New York City during the Roaring Twenties they built a 27-story skyscraper, the Master Institute of United Arts, the first school to teach all of the arts under one roof. The innovative school attracted artists from across America including Marsden Hartley, Deems Taylor and Rockwell Kent.

Directed to create a Buddhist country around Siberia, Mongolia and the Gobi from 1924-28, the couple courageously crossed the remote and dangerous regions of India and Asia. They searched for signs of the sacred Buddhist site, Shambhala, for Maitreya (the Coming Buddha), whose presence would signal the New Era of peace and for ancient relics and books hidden in crypt libraries and caves in the Gobi. Six years after this effort failed, President F. D. Roosevelt and the Department of Agriculture funded a second try.

The first book to interweave the Roerichs' spiritual teachings with their fascinating travels. A must for artists, students of yoga, spirituality and metaphysics, historians and anyone who searches and seeks for truth. Contains: 2 maps. 44 photos. 11 seldom-seen color prints from Russia.

"Drayer presents her readers with an absorbing view and fascinating account of the lives of these two remarkable 20th Century figures whose work continues to echo powerfully in our time."

John Algeo
International Vice-President
The Theosophical Society

52 page Spanish/ English e-Book: Beauty—Nicholas Roerich's Vision for the Future. Includes reproductions of art by Nicholas Roerich and Ruth Drayer. The e-book was created in Spain by Ediciones S.R, and was translated into Spanish by Leonardo O. Amaral. Free Copy to those who request by email

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